Assisted wheelchair

ISO: 12.22.18

Full price: €55.00/month

Patient co-payment: €5.50/month

Premium-TIM is an aluminum PREMIUM class wheelchair with a modern design, removable upholstery and a folding backrest with a cushion, intended for people who have problems with independent movement. It is extremely light, weighing up to 15.5 kilograms depending on the size of the seat. The wheelchair is equipped with anti-tilt wheels as standard, which ensures exceptional ease of use and safety.
In addition, this version of the wheelchair is equipped with a removable head stabilizing headrest with vertical and horizontal adjustment to ensure a comfortable position for the user.

LIGHTWEIGHT - this is an extremely light and handy wheelchair that weighs from 13.5 kg. It is easy to lift and move, making it extremely practical and easy to use.

PRACTICALITY - The wheelchair has a removable air cushion, which makes it easier to keep clean and significantly improves the comfort of use.

SAFETY - The wheelchair is equipped with anti-tip wheels, which makes it highly maneuverable and ensures maximum safety for the user.

MODERN - The wheelchair is extremely modern thanks to the use of the latest technological solutions.


  • Headrest
  • A set of keys
  • Pump

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