NEODEC® mattress to prevent bedsores with variable pressure distribution


Full price: €75.00/month

Patient co-payment: €7.50/month

NEODEC® therapeutic alternating pressure mattress with unique easy turn of the patient (Easy Turn Technology) and moisture protection, which ensures a ventilated and dry surface for the patient.
The Micro Air Loss system (independent Micro Air Loss, iMAL) of the mattress reduces the heat accumulated in the mattress, which improves the patient's comfort and ensures the right microclimate around his body. The iMAL system is independent of the mattress elements and does not interfere with the transport functions. The iMAL system works automatically and does not require configuration.
The Easy Turn Technology function, i.e. lateral tilts and continuous patient turning (unilateral or bilateral), is manually activated. The pump can work in alternating or static mode. The mattress cover is made of transversely replaceable cells.
NEODEC® is recommended for 24/7 prevention of pressure ulcers and treatment of all stages of pressure ulcers.

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